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The Rural Race to Arms

Loka Ashwood— Rural Americans do, indeed, have more guns than their urban counterparts. According to the General Social Survey, the highest rates of gun ownership can be found in the most rural areas of the southeast United States. In those wide-open fields and forests, rural residents—black and white—are more likely to

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Profit with Honor

On Thursday last week, after a trial stretching four months and jury deliberations spanning six days, former Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were convicted of fraud and conspiracy, crimes for which they could face life sentences in prison. “The jury sent an unmistakable message,” prosecutor Sean Berkowitz said.

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Battle for the Soul of Capitalism

Earlier this month newspaper tycoon Conrad Black, the recently ousted CEO of Hollinger International Inc., was indicted by a federal court on charges of cheating the company’s U.S. and Canadian shareholders and evading Canadian tax authorities. The eleven-count indictment alleges, among other abuses, that Black and his associates fraudulently diverted

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