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Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol!

August 6th would have been Andy Warhol’s 83rd birthday. Interest in the work of the pop art innovator shows no sign of flagging in the 21st century: recently, a 1963 self-portrait by the artist (originally sold for only $1,600) netted over $34.8 million at auction. For an in-depth examination of the American icon’s extraordinary

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A Little Less Unknown: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan does not want us to know who he is. He recently turned seventy, and if no one has figured him out by now, nobody probably ever will. The Andy Warhol Factory’s Screen Test of Bob Dylan, filmed in 1965 attempts to get close to him, figure out what

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For the Politician’s Culture-Savvy Daughter

Remember this? Right around publication date for one of our titles, Andy Warhol, Meghan McCain posted a Twitpic of herself on a night-in, happily ready to curl up with our new book. Okay, okay, we were so surprised at the coincidence (not her reading choice) that we even had a

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Joseph C. wins the 15 Minutes of Fame Photo Contest

The winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Photo Contest is Joseph C. from New York City! Not only did Joseph’s photograph maintain the inexplicable mirroring and black-and-white color scheme of Ms. McCain’s fateful snapshot; it also features a choice title from YUP’s backlist, Bernard Williams’s On Opera. The fact

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Imagining America

Imagining America: Icons of 20th Century American Art, will air on PBS this Wednesday, December 28, 2005, from 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET. The film is a journey through the transformations that took place in 20th-century America, told through the words and work of some of the century’s most significant artists. “Anybody

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