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The Rise of Webcraft

Anne-Marie Slaughter— In 2004, the British think tank Demos published an edited volume on networks that opens: “Networks are the language of our times. Think about alQaeda. The Internet, eBay, Kazaa. The mobile phone, SMS. Think about iron triangles and old school ties, No Logo and DeanforAmerica. Think VISA and

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Ep. 34 – Foreign Policy for a Networked World

Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses foreign policy and the roles governments and individuals can play in an increasingly networked world.

The Networks of U.S. Governance

Anne-Marie Slaughter— Since I write a great deal about networks, interviewers often ask me about Donald Trump’s network, pointing out that he “certainly seems to understand how to use a political network” in a way that bypasses mainstream media and pundits. That’s a fair question, but one that also reveals

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