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Moving Beyond Arab Spring

Ibrahim Fraihat— Five years have passed since several Arab countries revolted against their repressive regimes, and peace and stability are nowhere in sight. The unraveling of their political systems pushed these countries into challenging transition processes where violence is always a serious possibility. Yemen and Libya’s civil wars present blunt

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Revolutionary Ideas in the Atlantic World

Janet Polasky— The interconnections of today’s global society are inescapable. So why should we imagine that the founding fathers dreamed of freedom in isolation? The Atlantic World had never been as tightly interconnected as at the end of the eighteenth century. Two centuries before the Arab Spring, without electronic social

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Understanding Players of Libya’s Recent Past

Last Tuesday, September 11, United States ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three of his staff members were killed when violent riots broke out in Benghazi, fueled by a 14-minute YouTube trailer of an American-made film called “Innocence of Muslims.” Now, U.S. officials believe that the Benghazi riots were

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The Influence of Social Media on the Arab Spring

Since December 2010 countries across the Middle East have employed a variety of tactics that have brought down multiple dictators and irrevocably changed the region. In The Battle for the Arab Spring: Revolution, Counter-Revolution and the Making of a New Era, Lin Noueihed and Alex Warren break down the timeline and

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To London, with Love: Springing for Politics

Ivan Lett— I’m no political junkie, just a book publishing historian who comes away from the glory of Britannia every so now and then to find the ever-changing world around me to be…well, ever-changing. When news of the revolution in Egypt broke last winter, I was  still in a holiday

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Tarek Osman on The Strategic Direction of Egypt’s Revolution

As the events of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution continue with the no-longer-televised trial of deposed president Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, journalist Tarek Osman, author of the acclaimed and prescient  Egypt on the Brink (January 2011), weighs in on the current state of the revolution’s course.  An updated edition of his

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Yemen: A Disturbing Prediction

With the Arab Spring affecting up to twenty nations, depending on the source, it is hard to know which warrants the most interest or concern. Victoria Clark, author of Yemen: Dancing on the Heads of Snakes, argues that the United States needs to make understanding Yemen a priority or risk the cultivation of more terrorists.

YUP and the Arab World: Books, Author Talks, and Free Downloads

In the midst of recent events in the Middle East, YUP is offering a special look at the books that cover religion, politics, and culture of the region, and our authors who are active in contributing to these discussions. Last month, Marwan Muasher gave a talk at Yale as part

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The Final (Re)Solution

With so much political activity and talk of revolution in Egypt, Tunisia, and the greater Middle East, perhaps it is time for us to revisit the darker side of resolutions and how regimes can affect the greater course of human history with decisive action. Indeed, when the object of “solving”

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Follow Friday, January 28, 2011

@David_Rogers: Everyone is abuzz with the Network Is Your Customer book launch, free chapters, reviews, and most importantly, grabbing a copy! Learn more on Twitter with #TNIYC and #sobelbrite hashtags, and be sure to check out the author’s site to catch up! @Drudge_Report: Headlines like Matt Drudge’s “EGYPT ON THE

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