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Tim Mackintosh-Smith— Before sunrise on a winter’s day early in the year 630, a captive in the Arabian town of Yathrib looked on as the men of the place gathered in the courtyard outside his cell. He could make out little between the few splashes of lamplight. But when their

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YUP and the Arab World: Books, Author Talks, and Free Downloads

In the midst of recent events in the Middle East, YUP is offering a special look at the books that cover religion, politics, and culture of the region, and our authors who are active in contributing to these discussions. Last month, Marwan Muasher gave a talk at Yale as part

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Interview with Matthew Levitt

Matthew Levitt, author of the forthcoming book Hamas: Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of the Jihad, was interviewed last week by the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations. Levitt, who wrote his book while serving as senior fellow and director of terrorism studies at the Washington Institute for Near

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