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Why Architecture Matters

In Why Architecture Matters, Paul Goldberger, who holds the Joseph Urban Chair in Design and Architecture at The New School in New York City, takes readers on a remarkable architectural journey to discover how architecture affects us emotionally as well as intellectually. Architecture is a part of daily life for

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Christopher Long on Kem Weber, Modern American Designer and Architect

Among our exciting fall books is one about German-born American designer Kem Weber, whose fascinating life story rivals his outstanding design work in interest.  The book’s author, Christopher Long, will be delighting California audiences next week with talks about Kem Weber – he has an event at the AD&A Museum

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Roman Architecture: An Interactive Guide and Vacation Planner

As the days grow warmer and the nights grow longer, some are on vacation and many more are wishing they were. The best trips provide opportunities to see new sights, learn about another culture, and return home enriched by the experience. All too often, though, travelers witness the attractions that

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April Theme: The Arts

Broadening our scope from a usual combined celebration of poetry and architecture, timed to national commemorations in the month of April, we’re broadening our focus to include a broader range of the arts, including many new books on the philosophy and history of art, several accompanying traveling exhibitions with the

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Sustainable Venice

When read together, Venice from the Water and Venice & Vitruvius present a multi-sided picture of the complex history and fate of the famous floating city of Venice. In many ways, the books complement one another, engaging in the same subject through different perspectives and offering interrelated conclusions. This dynamic

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Books for Summer Roadtrips

Feel like a roadtripping across the U.S. this August? Visit these iconic spots–or just find a lawn chair in the sunshine and read about them!

Notes from a Native New Yorker: Walking the City with Richard Kelly

Michelle Stein One of the great parts of life in New York City is walking past buildings that offer a timeline of architectural history.  Looking back to the more recent past, mid-century modernism took hold of New York City, leaving a strong mark on the city with both a new

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Paul Goldberger at the Aspen Institute and on Colbert tonight

At 11:30 this evening, New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger will be in the hot seat on the Colbert Report discussing his new book, Why Architecture Matters. While we can’t predict what line of questioning Colbert will follow (is there some secret left-wing architectural conspiracy we’re not aware of?), Goldberger

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