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What Goes Around Comes Around: Our Faith in Karma

Sam van Schaik— …The logic of the text is causation: If you do x, then y will happen. This is, of course, karma. Every event comes about because of previous events. Moreover, every event sets up chains of causation that produce innumerable further effects. The Buddha’s teachings on karma take this

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A History of Modern South Asia

Ian Talbot— South Asia is of immense significance to the wider world. It is home to a quarter of the global population and a third of the Islamic community. It is a major market and focus for overseas investment within which the rising economic power of India will become increasingly

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China’s Military Celebrates 80th Anniversary

From the AP Wire — BEIJING: Past and present Chinese leaders appeared together on army day Wednesday, celebrating the founding of the People’s Liberation Army in a striking show of unity ahead of a key Communist Party congress later this year. Former President and party chief Jiang Zemin, seldom seen

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