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A Conversation with Nicholas Roe on John Keats

While John Keats may often be remembered today as the quintessentially tragic Romantic figure, Nicholas Roe explains in his recent biography, John Keats: A New Life, that the reality of the celebrated poet’s character was far more complex. Keats’s life was dogged by insecurities, sexual frustration and drug use, and

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An Interview with Norman Manea and Oana Sânziana Marian, Translator of The Lair

Every good translator (and appreciator of international literature) knows that a work in translation carries more than the weight of a language’s technical nuances and abnormalities. Like an immigrant to a new nation, it grapples in a no man’s land between the culture in which it was born and the

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An Author Interview with Belinda Jack and Goodreads Giveaway for The Woman Reader

From the Cro-Magnon cave to the digital bookstore, Belinda Jack covers a lot of ground in her new book, The Woman Reader, the first to address the controversies associated with women’s reading throughout history, and to show how vastly different women’s reading experiences have often been compared to those of men.

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Lost Without Translation: Yves Bonnefoy in Conversation with Hoyt Rogers

It’s snowing. Under the flakes, a door opens at last On the garden beyond the world. I set out. But my scarf Snags on a rusty nail, And the cloth of my dreams is torn. “The Garden,” by Yves Bonnefoy; translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers In Second Simplicity:

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