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How The Nutcracker Can Help Heal Post-Election America

Jennifer Fisher— Heading into the holiday season, many Americans will have tickets for The Nutcracker, or at least they will be considering which of the twelve nearby versions to see. The ballet features a Christmas party, children having fun, and candy dances, so why not? At the same time, in

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This Decision Tree Will Help You Figure Out Which Ballet to See

Want to see a ballet this season but not sure which one is for you? Dance critic and author of The Ballet Lover’s Companion Zoe Anderson has got you covered. So grab a date/the kids/a friend/anyone, and enjoy! Further Reading:

Angry Birds: Russian Censorship of the Arts

Janice Ross— “Ballerinas dance anti-Putin Swan Lake in Odessa.”  The headline sounds like a set-up for a sketch comedy routine but it was deadly earnest. This past May, four Ukranian ballerinas donned tutus and pointe shoes and interlaced arms to dance the four little swans quartet from Swan Lake as

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Breaking Down Racial Barriers in Dance: Then and Now

African-American ballet dancer Misty Copeland has been in the news a lot in recent months. From her now viral Under Armor commercial to the pages of Vogue, from network and cable talk shows to So You Think You Can Dance, from the New York Times bestseller list to Jacobs Pillow, Ms. Copeland

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