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Editor Jennifer Banks on the Boundaries of Religion

Follow @yaleRELIbooks Jennifer Banks— I had been acquiring religion books for Yale University Press for five years or so when my grandmother’s passing brought me back to the Catholic Church I’d attended as a child. I sat in the back row at her funeral, with my two-year-old daughter and four-month-old

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Editor Phoebe Clapham on Political Economy Books

Phoebe Clapham— As I discovered on becoming the politics and economics editor at Yale University Press’s London office, ‘political economy’ is a phrase that means very different things to different people. Before the twentieth century it was generally used where now we say ‘economic policy’, to describe how a state

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Editor Phoebe Clapham On Commissioning Current Affairs Books

While we’re focused on “thinking” this month, it’s important to consider how we as publishers think about the many ideas, manuscripts, and proposals that are submitted for publication. For a university press that publishes and distributes nearly 500 books per year, it goes without saying that judicious review by academic

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