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Why We Can’t Forget about the Brain

Iain McGilchrist— It might seem reductive to link the highest achievements of the human mind, in philosophy and the arts, to the structure of the brain. I believe it is not. For one thing, even if it were possible for mind to be ‘reduced’, as we say, to matter, this

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The Prosperous Brain

Kelly Lambert, Ph.D.— Although scholars have debated the exact meaning of Thomas Jefferson’s reference to the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence, the phrase can be traced to seventeenth-century philosopher John Locke’s “life, liberty, and property” philosophical trinity and his declaration that the pursuit of happiness was our

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Split Decisions

Ever find yourself daydreaming or doodling only to feel guilty for not paying attention? Well, maybe your guilt has been misplaced. The New York Times recently published an article called “Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind” with the premise that daydreaming might not be so bad for you after

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