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Brazil’s First Art Cannibal: Tarsila do Amaral

Interview with curators Stephanie D’Alessandro and Luis Pérez-Oramas by David Ebony The paintings of Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973)—simply known as Tarsila—and the theory of Anthropophagy, or the philosophy of “cultural cannibalism,” introduced in 1928 by Tarsila’s first husband, Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade (1890-1954), were for me a

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Mid-century Brazilian visionary Robert Burle Marx: a gallery of images

“With the publication of a lavish monograph, ROBERTO ­BURLE MARX: Brazilian Modernist (Jewish Museum / Yale University, $50), the work of this great midcentury landscape architect, who invented the modernist tropical garden, will become better known.” –Dominique Browning in the Sunday, June 5th issue of the New York Times Book Review We

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