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Apethorpe – a house fit for kings, and queens

To mark the Queen’s birthday parade on June 11th, architectural historian Kathryn Morrison, author of Apethorpe: The Story of an English Country House, has written a marvelously entertaining guest post recounting a “royal progress” that saw kings and queens from James I through to George IV visiting this fascinating and architecturally significant

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Remembering the Reign of Henry IV

Chris Given-Wilson— When Henry of Bolingbroke seized the throne from his cousin King Richard II in September 1399, he presented himself to the people of England as the champion of property rights–and no one was better qualified than he to do so, for it was Richard’s unjustified seizure of Henry’s

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The Men Who Lost America: “The Tyrant”

As we transition from American History November to Holiday Gift-giving December, we are sharing a series of previews of Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy’s profiles of the British leaders during the American Revolution from The Men Who Lost America, beginning with King George III. Each profile looks carefully at the myths that have develop around each

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