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Ep. 77 – The beautiful, atmospheric art of Eileen Hogan

British artist Eileen Hogan, Yale Center for British Art curator Elisabeth Fairman, and Artists’ Lives oral historian Cathy Courtney have a wide-ranging conversation about painting, exhibitions, gardens, poetry, and more. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Soundcloud

In Commemoration of Lucian Freud

Follow @yaleARTbooks Painter Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud, died on this day one year ago, and it is on this anniversary that we reflect on the English artist’s extraordinary legacy.  Perhaps best-known for his nude portraits, Freud perfected his style of portraiture during a period in the history of

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Lucian Freud: 70 Years of Portraiture

The people portrayed in Lucian Freud’s portraits are not passive, flawless models, stuck in the imagined world of a framed canvas. They have lived—endured—with evidence of years past in their rough, wrinkled, worn, and scarred skin. Like his psychoanalyst grandfather Sigmund Freud, Lucian Freud explores his subjects’ inner troubles and

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