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National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is an appreciation of a few recent books that fuse verse and image. 1. Carl Andre: Sculpture as Place, 1958-2010, by Yasmil Raymond and Philippe Vergne. This book, which accompanied an exhibition at Dia:Beacon last year, includes a wonderful array of Carl Andre’s sculpture,

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Maximum Minimalist—The Carl Andre Retrospective: Interview with Co-Curator Yasmil Raymond by David Ebony

David Ebony— When I was in college in the mid-1970s, Carl Andre was god. For those of us striving to be serious artists, writers, and art historians, Andre was the paragon. His art was coolly intellectual, deceptively simple and austere, yet surprising and provocative. Minimalism was all the rage at

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Sculptor Poet: Carl Andre Retrospective Now On View At Dia:Beacon

A retrospective exhibition of the work of American artist Carl Andre (b.1935) has just opened at Dia:Beacon.   If you can get there: do; we intend to.  If you can’t, this coverage on the Huffington Post features a lovely 10-minute video that includes an insightful conversation with Yasmil Raymond, the exhibition’s

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