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The Unbalanced Economic Relationship of the United States and China

What makes the economic relationship between the United States and China so fraught with anxiety, tension, and a surprising dependency on the successes and failures of the other? Particularly throughout the economic highs and lows of the 21st century so far, the question of China’s ascendance, even so far as surpassing

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Stumbling Giant: Why China Will Not Be The Next Superpower

Many argue that China will soon overtake the United States and become the next superpower. Timothy Beardson, author of Stumbling Giant: The Threats to China’s Future, disagrees, asserting that confronted with myriad problems and the inadequacy of response to these problems, China will not become the next superpower. Beardson does

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Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama turns 76 today, according to the best estimates. His role in Tibet is described by Sam van Schaik in Tibet: A History, which examines Tibetan history and politics from 600 C.E. to the present.

China’s Red Queen

Headlines on China’s innovation have been popping up this week, as the world wonders what the next big economic development will be for the country, which recently surpassed Japan for the #2 rank in GDP.  Both The Economist and Reuters have run stories taking insight from a new book, The

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A New Head for The Met’s Asian Art Galleries

The New York Times ran a story on the changing leadership at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Asian art galleries: the new head will be Maxwell Hearn, author of a number of YUP books on Chinese painting and calligraphy, published in association with The Met. Watch below as Hearn talks

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Parsi and Kurlantzick shortlisted for Arthur Ross Book Award

The Council on Foreign Relations announced the shortlist for the 2008 Arthur Ross Book Award. Among the 5 prestigious international affairs books chosen, two spots were given to Yale Press authors. Joshua Kurlantzick was chosen for Charm Offensive: How China’s Soft Power is Transforming the World. The Council consider his

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Political leaders are political readers, too

In the past month, important political figures have been seen with books published by Yale University Press: Charm Offensive: How China’s Soft Power Is Transforming the World by Joshua Kurlantzick and Churchill’s Promised Land: Zionism and Statecraft by Michael Makovsky. On September 6, 2007, President Bush met with Kevin Rudd,

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China’s Military Celebrates 80th Anniversary

From the AP Wire — BEIJING: Past and present Chinese leaders appeared together on army day Wednesday, celebrating the founding of the People’s Liberation Army in a striking show of unity ahead of a key Communist Party congress later this year. Former President and party chief Jiang Zemin, seldom seen

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Yale Press Podcast, Episode 5

Episode 5 of the Yale Press Podcast is now available. In the latest episode, host Chris Gondek speaks with (1) Ali A. Allawi about what may be the most important book on Iraq to be published this year–The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace, (2) Matthew Levitt

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Reed Hundt at Google

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt discussed his book In China’s Shadow as part of Google’s Authors@Google speaker series. (The event took place on October 6, 2006, at Google’s Mountain View, CA, headquarters, but was only posted to YouTube on Sunday.)