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The Lost Last Supper

Cees Nooteboom— When you hear the word inquisition, you think of Spain, heretics in strange tall pointed hats, the stake, forced confessions, horrifying images that make the words Holy Inquisition a cruel oxymoron. It is less well known that there were also inquisitors in Venice who could make life rather

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The World Atlas of Street Photography: Picturing the Human Zoo

This fall, we’re thrilled to bring out an exciting volume, which Mark Byrnes has hailed as, “A must-have ‘atlas’ for street photography lovers… and a remarkable tour of urban life in more than 50 cities.”  The World Atlas of Street Photography is by Jackie Higgins, who was kind enough to offer

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Q&A With Author David Sedlak on the Future of Clean Water

Follow @yaleSCIbooks With the planet’s clean water sources strained by over-population and pollution, Yale University Press sat down with Water 4.0 author David Sedlak to talk about the future of urban water systems. For more on what we must do to protect our most precious resource, visit water4point0.com.   Yale University

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