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The Mystery of Calligraphy, Remade

Jack O’Malley— The intersection of the western and eastern worlds has long fascinated scholars and students of artistic methods. The new book Remaking Tradition: Modern Art of Japan from the Tokyo National Museum, published in conjunction with an exciting exhibition currently on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art, explores many

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Van Gogh Repetitions

Follow @yaleARTbooks Currently on view at The Phillips Collection is Van Gogh Repetitions, an exhibition examining Vincent van Gogh’s artistic process. The exhibition focuses on van Gogh’s repeated rendering of particular images, and examines many questions about van Gogh’s unique artistic process: what was the speed with which he painted

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A Brush with the Chinese Revolutionary Mood

If you were lucky enough to wander through Beijing’s 798 District, you would come face to face with some of the most fresh, daring work produced by China’s up-and-coming artists.  In the past decade China’s contemporary art scene has exploded, captivating art collectors and galleries around the world.  Ai Weiwei,

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