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The Intimate Art of Sol LeWitt

David S. Areford— Sol LeWitt. For the dedicated or even occasional museum visitor, the artist’s name conjures up expansive and colorful murals (his “wall drawings”) and equally commanding, large-scale cubic sculptures (his “structures”). Often installed in grand public interior or exterior settings, these artworks collaborate with the architectural and spatial

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Vito Acconci and the Body as Medium

Elise Archias’s new book, The Concrete Body: Yvonne Rainer, Carolee Schneemann, Vito Acconci, examines the 1960s performance work of these three New York artists who adapted modernist approaches to form for the medium of the human body, finding parallels between the tactility of a drip of paint and a body’s

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Artist Robert Morris Talks About His Beginnings in New York

I wanted to stuff time back into the objects I was making with me hands. — Robert Morris The New York Public Library hosted an evening event recently, one in their artist dialogue series, that featured the renowned American artist Robert Morris in conversation with Julia Robinson, Assistant Professor of

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