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Sorkin on the Racing Line

Clive James— Both The Sopranos and Band of Brothers were HBO cable productions, and their collective impact might tend to persuade us that network television was left nowhere. But it’s a law of the arts that a stylistic innovation gets instantly everywhere, like heat or cold; and in fact, even while HBO

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New Light Shine

When Shannon Murdoch, author of New Light Shine, was asked about memory in an interview for the Australian Stage, she responded: I think memory is a need, up there with food, shelter and love. It’s how we know who we are, how we choose our friends and enemies, how we interact

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Jen Silverman named 2013 Winner of Yale Drama Series Prize

Yale University Press is pleased to announce the winner of the 2013 Yale Drama Series.  Jen Silverman’s “Still,” was chosen by Pulitzer Prize-winner Marsha Norman out of 1,100 entries. Norman, in a recent interview, said: The winner, Jen Silverman, wrote a play that, in both style and content, shook us

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