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Myth vs. Truth: Science and Stories

Anthony Aveni— Trained as an astronomer but now spending most of my time writing about skywatchers in indigenous cultures, I’ve come to think that individuals trained in science tend to pay too little attention to stories of creation other than their own “Big Bang.” They generally regard stories from other

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What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?

We all know the story of the Garden of Eden. God created Adam, then Eve, and he told the two not to eat fruit from a certain tree. But the snake tempted Eve to taste the forbidden fruit; she, in turn, seduced Adam to do the same, and this led

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The New Universe Starts Today

Yale University’s Terry Lectures began in 1905 with a grant from Dwight H. Terry. Intended to bridge ideas of religion with developing modern science and philosophy, the deed of gift declares that “the object of this foundation is not the promotion of scientific investigation and discovery, but rather the assimilation

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