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Date, Place, Time: On Kawara’s Concepts

Every image that Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara paints would make sense outside of the context of art. On the surface, they are simply numbers, letters, dates, maps and routes, first names and surnames, and newspaper clippings. They could have come from day planners, calendars, scrapbooks, or rosters. In On Kawara: 10 Tableaux and 16,952 Pages, from the Dallas Museum of Art, they represent a formidable boy of work that challenges “the very idea of what it means to be alive and sentient in the world.”

Happy International Museum Day!

Around every May 18, the International Council of Museums organizes International Museum Day; this year’s theme is Museum and Memory. Because we at YUP admire our museum publishing partners and their contributions to a global society, here are some exhibitions on view now around the world, with books available from

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