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What’s New? The Second Edition of Designing Type

Designing Type by Karen Cheng was originally published in 2006. The book met with immediate and enthusiastic acclaim, including: “While there are a number of historical studies of the relationship of letterforms and type design, none of them can be considered as thorough and instructive as Karen Cheng’s recent Designing Type.

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Resilient Design: Innovation for Future Uncertainty

Jon Coaffee— Recent scientific research has revealed that we have drastically underestimated the threat of climate change, with the impacts of sea level rise and extreme weather abnormalities likely to be felt most dramatically in large urban conurbations. Almost exactly seven years after Hurricane Sandy hit the US Eastern seaboard causing devastation

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Art Deco Chicago

Robert Bruegmann– If I had to pick a single object to suggest what we tried to do in Art Deco Chicago, I would probably choose this Craftsman brand portable air compressor sold by Sears starting in 1939. During the meetings we held with authors, editors, and advisors to settle on

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On Observation

Jessica Helfand— Not long ago, at an elegant garden party, I was introduced to an equally elegant British woman who, after the usual pro forma pleasantries that precede normal conversation, asked how I had lost my husband. I replied briefly and factually that he had been diagnosed with a brain

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From the Designer’s Desk: Frank Baseman

Our February 2015 edition of From the Designer’s Desk is a lively dispatch from from Frank Baseman, principal at Baseman Design Associates. 1.) Why did you pursue Design, rather than, say, Painting or Architecture or Sculpture? I dunno, I thought about Architecture for a little while when I was a kid—or

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Christopher Long on Kem Weber, Modern American Designer and Architect

Among our exciting fall books is one about German-born American designer Kem Weber, whose fascinating life story rivals his outstanding design work in interest.  The book’s author, Christopher Long, will be delighting California audiences next week with talks about Kem Weber – he has an event at the AD&A Museum

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Albers App Colors Interaction on Facebook and Pinterest

“The gateway to an entire way of thinking. . . .It will blow your mind.”—Liz Stinson, Wired The Interaction of Color App for iPad has captured the attention of artists, designers, and color geeks of all sorts in the two shorts weeks since its launch. Twitter has gotten much more colorful

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Books for Summer Roadtrips

Feel like a roadtripping across the U.S. this August? Visit these iconic spots–or just find a lawn chair in the sunshine and read about them!

The Making of the Catalogue for Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Like the exhibition it accompanies, the book is a gorgeous production, celebrating the singular artistry of the great British fashion designer and presenting his work in a captivating format. Catch a behind-the-scenes look at the Museum’s design and production of this exquisite book.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Now Open at The Met; Interview with curator Andrew Bolton

We’ve teased for months, but the wait is finally over: today, the exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” opens at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Organized by Costume Institute curator, Andrew Bolton, author of YUP’s accompanying catalog, the show features approximately one hundred examples will be on view, including signature designs

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