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Art Deco Chicago

Robert Bruegmann– If I had to pick a single object to suggest what we tried to do in Art Deco Chicago, I would probably choose this Craftsman brand portable air compressor sold by Sears starting in 1939. During the meetings we held with authors, editors, and advisors to settle on

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“Mannequin Parade”—The First Fashion Models

Today the idea of fashion modeling is a part the general cultural consciousness, with many famous icons and a reality television show. In the early 1900s, however, it was a new concept to preview clothing on a live model. Leading fashion historian, Caroline Evans, explores the development of fashion modeling

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Unlikely Beginnings: Knoll Textiles and WWII

The founders of the Knoll furniture company, Hans Knoll and Jens Risom, would never have assumed that they were beginning a leading, imaginative firm that would influence other designers for decades. In their early careers, their methods were more patchwork quilt than handmade upholstery. When the two men began collaborating,

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