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Social Order in the New World

J. H. Elliott— Family and hierarchy were the twin pillars supporting the social structure of Early Modern Europe. The ordered family, under the control of the head of the household, patterned the state in microcosm, just as the state, under royal government, was a microcosm of the divinely ordered universe

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Mutiny Profiles: Sebastian Cabot

Sebastian Cabot shows today’s leaders a caveat regarding how it is possible for one with limited ability to mislead and manage impressions and still achieve success. Patrick J. Murphy and Ray W. Coye’s  Mutiny and Its  Bounty: Leadership Lessons from the Age of Discovery explores how great seafaring captains like Columbus and Magellan

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An Imperfect World

Follow @yaleSCIbooks The early days of scientific investigation resulted in extraordinary collaborations between the artistic community and the scientific one.  Many examples of these concerted efforts to explore, chart, map, test and record are beautifully documented and eloquently explained in Prints and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe,

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