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Democracy in Retreat: A Divided Egypt

Democracy has long been upheld as the ideal way to run a country. America, “land of the free” is revered for its representative government elected by the people for the people, and the US has committed to a mission of spreading and supporting democracy worldwide. In Joshua Kurlantzick’s newest book

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YUP and the Arab World: Books, Author Talks, and Free Downloads

In the midst of recent events in the Middle East, YUP is offering a special look at the books that cover religion, politics, and culture of the region, and our authors who are active in contributing to these discussions. Last month, Marwan Muasher gave a talk at Yale as part

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Tarek Osman Talks to CNN about What’s Happening in Egypt

In light of the recent bombing in Alexandria, Egyptian banker and writer, Tarek Osman, has been interviewed by the London Times and CNN for his take on the current political situation. Today we have published Egypt on the Brink: From Nasser to Mubarak, in which Osman describes the huge changes

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