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In Memoriam: George McGovern

Yesterday, October 21, 2012, former U.S. Congressman and Presidential candidate, George Stanley McGovern, passed away at age 90. Here, Joshua M. Glasser, author of  The Eighteen-Day Running Mate: McGovern, Eagleton, and a Campaign in Crisis, eulogizes McGovern using insight from the candidate’s own notes.    Joshua M. Glasser— Twenty years after

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The Episode that Put the Vice Presidency in Focus

In light of tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, Joshua M. Glasser, author of The Eighteen-Day Running Mate: McGovern, Eagleton, and a Campaign in Crisis, provides some insight into the importance of the role of the Vice President, the selection process, and its relevance to public opinion, despite its changing historical and current perception

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Get a Good Read on Your Running Mate

After Senator John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate for the 2008 Republican Party presidential ticket, there was quite a bit of media speculation and excitement surrounding Mitt Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate in August. But the last two presidential elections are

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