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Knowing Through the Body

Guy Claxton— What are often called “higher mental processes” actually sit atop a whole lot of emotional and visceral goings-on. That is not a nuisance or a design fault; it is a deep part of our evolved nature as intelligent beings. To recap: at the core of our being there

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Feeling Happy Today?

Follow @yaleSCIbooks How are you? It’s a question we are constantly asking—on the sidewalk, over the copier, at the dinner table. Almost invariably the answer is noncommittal. “Fine.” “Okay.” “I’m doing well.” What about “happy”? Happiness is hard to talk about—not least because we have so many definitions of what

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Why is William Ian Miller Losing It?

William Ian Miller is 65 years old. Yet, rather than trying to conceal his age—a practice that has grown commonplace in our age of cosmetic surgery—he has written a book about it. Losing It: In which an Aging Professor laments his shrinking Brain, new from Yale University Press this fall,

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