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Fresh perspectives on an age-old debate

One hundred and fifty years after Darwin first proposed the theory of evolution, the debate between religion and science continues to raise tensions in America. A recent USA Today article advocating peace between evolution and creationism generated nearly 100 comments in a little more than a day; the sponsored online

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The Origins of Novelty

Conventional narratives of evolution emphasize that organisms have evolved over time through the gradual accumulation of many genetic mutations, but for some researchers, this approach does not satisfactorily explain true biological novelty. This view, explored by Dr. Marc W. Kirschner and Dr. John C. Gerhart in The Plausibility of Life,

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The Plausibility of Life

All eight members up for re-election to the Dover, Pennsylvania school board who instated the teaching of intelligent design in biology classrooms were swept out of office. (Read the article in the New York Times.) That same day in Kansas however, Board of Education members voted 6-4 to allow intelligent

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