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Alexander McQueen: Deliverance

Robert Fairer— The Spring/Summer 2004 Deliverance show was, for me and for many others, a uniquely memorable Alexander McQueen accomplishment.  It expressed breathtaking contradictions: a combination of the classic and the modern; a coexistence of Lee’s singular, visionary genius with the organizing structure of a well-known Hollywood movie.  It was dazzling; it invented a

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Handbags: The Making of a Museum

Handbags: The Making of a Museum will cause much excitement among those who treasure these coveted objects, but as the author and curator Judith Clark explores, the history of the handbag – its design, how it has been made, used and worn – also reveals something essential about women’s lives lived

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Impossible Outfit: Back to School Edition

Dear Paper Doll, I just started my second year of grad school in a New England town, and I feel the need to broaden my sartorial horizon beyond the hoodies, leggings and Uggs that I wore almost daily last year. How should I shake things up with a radical new

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