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Ep. 39 – The History of Fishing

A look at the history of fishing from ancient civilizations to modern times and the problems caused by overfishing

Overfishing – the silent crisis beneath the ocean’s surface

Brian Fagan— Sustainable catches. These magic words now appear on many higher-end restaurant menus. Many top chefs and organic markets are working with fisherfolk to handle only catches from maintainable fisheries. This is wonderful and socially responsible, but how does this move stack up against the bigger picture of severely

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Makah Whaling and Their Historical Relationship to the Sea

Joshua Reid— This last March, the National Marine Fisheries Service invited public input on a recently released draft environmental impact statement that evaluates the Makah Nation’s request to resume hunting gray whales off the coast of Washington State. Most of the feedback on the government website that is collecting this

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James Prosek in print and in studio

James Prosek, author and illustrator for Yale University Press’ recently released Tight Lines: Ten Years of the Yale Anglers’ Journal, wrote a short essay for the Outdoors section of the New York Times. The piece, published on November 28th, describes in painterly prose his trip to Alaska with an old

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James Prosek at the Peabody

From the Yale Peabody Museum’s website: Fly Fishing at the 41st Parallel Realizing that he had happily fished his entire life only around his home of Easton, Connecticut, James Prosek decided to take a fishing trip around the world along the 41st parallel — that’s where trout thrive. He headed

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Show Notes for Episode 9 of the Yale Press Podcast

Posted by Chris Gondek, Producer/Host of the Yale Press Podcast. I can’t deny that my heartbeat quickened when I heard the theme music to the show again. I was putting together the main show, and when I put in the opening theme and started the fade, I felt very happy.

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