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Ep. 36 – The Challenges of Being a Social Media Star

The road to social media stardom is difficult and rarely pays well. Brooke Erin Duffy shares stories of success and offers advice and a warning for those looking to make it big.

Boys Will Be Boys—So They’re All the Same?

Follow @yaleSCIbooks Everyone has to grow up sometime. The always accompanying question is: how? From birth, we are set on different developmental paths, most outwardly distinguished by gender. But somehow this idea seems overly simplified to explain individual experience. Boys will be boys; girls will be girls, but does that

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Boys, Boys, Boys

This morning, Ken Corbett, author of Boyhoods: Rethinking Masculinities, contributed to a segment on ABC’s Good Morning America called “Pageant Boys,” examining the increasing participation of young boys in beauty pageants. Corbett’s book adds to recent literature such as Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble and Mary Pipher’s Reviving Ophelia on expectations

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