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A Personal Canon: Susan A. Phillips on Five Influential Texts

One of my favorite things in life is an accidentally curated small shelf of books in a place like a hotel or a break room. When I was thirteen, my family and I lived in Rome for a year and wound up in an apartment with just such a collection.

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Ep. 78 – L.A. graffiti in a whole new light

Susan A. Phillips talks about her deeply researched study of Los Angeles graffiti that includes marks made by hobos, prisoners, pachucos, surfers, punks, grips, taggers, seafarers, and more. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Soundcloud

New Haven’s street art extravaganza

A two-day event featuring live painting, panel discussions and workshops took place the weekend before last at New Haven’s Coogan Pavilion and the neighboring skate park by the West River, in the city’s Edgewood Park. It was part an event series by a local not-for-profit called Site Projects celebrating 10 years of

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“Banksy’s Better Out Than In” by World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti Author Rafael Schacter

Follow @yaleARTbooks Follow @RafaelSchacter Rafael Schacter— He’s not the most visually arresting of the so-called “street-artists”.[1] He’s definitely not the most conceptually astute.[2] He’s not the most innovative[3] or emotive,[4] nor the most site-specific[5] or materially prolific.[6] In truth, he’s not even the sharpest political commentator within the movement,[7] nor

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Don’t Paint Over This Post on The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

We’ve just been surprised and dismayed by the news of the spectacular Queens monument to street art, 5Pointz, being painted over last night.  It is a confounding truth that the often grand proportions, arresting colors, and bold messages of street art and graffiti stand in stark contrast to the ephemeral

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New Haven Atlas of Street Art

Follow @yaleARTbooks Several weeks ago, our recently released Interaction of Color iPad app caught the attention of veteran New Haven street artist BiP, a self-professed Albers fan. Of course we had to let BiP know, too, about our brand new print publication The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti,

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