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The Return of Isolationism

Stephen D. King— Our ideas and institutions shift with alarming regularity. Spanish conquistadors of the early sixteenth century—bounty-hunters hell bent on extracting silver from the New World, regardless of the human cost—would have been surprised to discover that Spain, at one point Europe’s superpower, is now one of the poorer

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Russia—the perennial empire

Agnia Grigas— With the annexation of Crimea in March 2014, Russia has re-emerged at the forefront of the policy debate not only in academia, but also among the policy-making elite on both sides of the Atlantic. However, to treat this incident as an isolated case of realpolitik would be a

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Jeal’s Stanley named finalist by NBCC

On January 12, Tim Jeal received a nomination from the National Book Critics Circle for their annual award. Jeal’s recent book, Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa’s Greatest Explorer, was one of 5 biographies from 2007 named as finalist. Winners will be announced on March 6, 2008. Henry Morton Stanley,

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