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Teens and Technology: Why Your Child Spends So Much Time Online

Follow @zephoria Follow @yaleSCIbooks It’s a common sight these days to see young people glued to their smartphones, tablets, and assorted other electronic devices–and that continues to confuse and worry many parents. Why do teenagers text their friends instead of talking to them when they’re in the same room? Are

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Lifestreaming: What Happens When We Share Our Lives Online?

Read a piece from Alice Marwick on why “social media is making us anxious and paranoid” on Medium.com!  (13-min read) Follow @alicetiara Follow @yaleSCIbooks In her new book, Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age, Alice E. Marwick explores how Web 2.0–or social media–encourages a preoccupation with

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First Stop on the Electronic Silk Road: “Facebookistan”

Who rules how Facebook connects more than nine hundred million monthly users, some 80 percent outside of the United States? Facebook, now connecting one tenth of all humanity, has become its own nation, complete with currency and international diplomats. To achieve citizenship, all a person must do is share the

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