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America Before Columbus

James W. Davidson— In 1492 around 8 million Indians lived in North America. That number is not large, especially for an entire continent. More than 8 million people live today in the city of New York. Still, the number is significant. To compare, the British Isles held 2 to 3

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Misunderstanding Lincoln: The Art of Wishful Thinking about Great Leaders

James West Davidson— We expect too much of our presidents. Especially at this season, when we honor the two chiefs universally acknowledged as our finest. That Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays should fall within days of each other suggests the mysterious workings of divine providence. Or at least, if the Almighty

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American History in Under Three Minutes

Want to know more about American history but just don’t have the time? Here’s the history of the United States of America in under three minutes. Check out the video and then check out the book, A Little History of the United States by James West Davidson.