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Out of the Shadows / Robert Hooke

John Gribbin— Who was the first person to realise that gravity is a universal force possessed by every object in the Universe, which attracts every other object? Isaac Newton, right? Wrong! Newton got the idea, and other insights which fed into his theory of gravity, from Robert Hooke, a seventeenth-century polymath

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The Most Important Fact

John Gribbin— The Universe began. The origin of everything we see about us – stars, planets, galaxies, people – can be traced back to a definite moment in time, 13.8 billion years ago. The ‘ultimate’ question that baffled philosophers, theologians and scientists for millennia has been answered in our lifetime.

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Who needs a Theory of Everything?

John Gribbin— The twentieth century saw the development of two great theories in physics. The first, the general theory of relativity, explains the behavior of things on the large scale, up to and including the entire Universe. The second, quantum theory, explains the behavior of things on the small scale,

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