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A Frog Slowly Boiled

Joseph Turow— It’s said that a frog placed in a boiling pot of water will escape, but if the water is slowly heated the frog will habituate and eventually die. Although scientists dispute the accuracy of this statement, no one in the audience of marketers objected—or even said it was

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Ep. 23 – How Retailers Strip Your Privacy

Your personal data isn’t safe even when you shop offline. Retailers are tracking your behavior and evaluating your value as a customer in physical stores. Privacy expert and author Joseph Turow discusses the ways they are doing this and what you can do to protect your privacy.

You Will Like This: Online Ads and The Daily You

Advertising used to be simpler. Before the birth of cable television and the Internet, advertisements and commercials were broader entities, built for broader channels. But because we have the ability to be increasingly selective in what we consume, advertisers, marketers, and data collectors also have the ability to increasingly discern

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