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The Ceaseless Curiosity of Alberto Manguel: An Interview with the Reader

What drives us to learn? How do books help us understand the world? How does language fail us? We sat down with reader and writer Alberto Manguel to satisfy our, well, curiosity. Yale University Press: How much do your personal experiences affect what you write about? Alberto Manguel: I’m not a scholar,

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Books et Veritas: Faith, Knowledge, Truth, and Twitter

Welcome to the first installment of Books et Veritas, the column written by Yale University Press’s student interns! In each installment, an intern will write about life and reading at Yale and Yale University Press. In this first post, Alex Blum gives a roundabout answer to the question: what Yale University

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The Wealth of Networks

New technologies have brought us to a critical moment of transition. Will markets, social relationships, and democracy ever be the same again? Yale University Press author Yochai Benkler will be giving a free public talk about the ideas in his new book, The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms

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