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Brazil’s First Art Cannibal: Tarsila do Amaral

Interview with curators Stephanie D’Alessandro and Luis Pérez-Oramas by David Ebony The paintings of Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973)—simply known as Tarsila—and the theory of Anthropophagy, or the philosophy of “cultural cannibalism,” introduced in 1928 by Tarsila’s first husband, Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade (1890-1954), were for me a

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An interview with Dana Miller, curator of Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight

Ivy Sanders Schneider– Carmen Herrera, who will celebrate her 102nd birthday this year, is finally a household name. Born in Havana, Cuba, Herrera has lived and worked in New York for over sixty years, but sold her first piece of art in 2002. She had her first major retrospective last

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File Under: What We Wish We Could Be Doing This Weekend: Abelardo Morell at the AIC

We have been stealing moments here at the office to thumb through the revelatory book Abelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door, a catalogue accompanying an exhibition of the photographer’s work that opens tomorrow at the Art Institute of Chicago.  The exhibition, and the book, include beautiful, disorienting images that explore the

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