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The Relationship between Law and Economics

Guido Calabresi— A century and a half ago John Stuart Mill said of English philosopher and political radical Jeremy Bentham, in effect, that he approached the world as a stranger. And, if the world did not fit his theory, utilitarianism, he dismissed what the world did as nonsense. Mill then said

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Why the Constitution Matters

Happy Constitution Day! In Why the Constitution Matters, Harvard Law professor Mark Tushnet poses a seemingly simple question and provides us with a thoroughly unexpected answer, forcing us to question our understanding of the Constitution. He broadens our understanding of the Constitution and shows us how this document structures our

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Why is William Ian Miller Losing It?

William Ian Miller is 65 years old. Yet, rather than trying to conceal his age—a practice that has grown commonplace in our age of cosmetic surgery—he has written a book about it. Losing It: In which an Aging Professor laments his shrinking Brain, new from Yale University Press this fall,

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