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Ep. 74 – The Importance of Learning Multiple Languages

A look at how we acquire language and the importance of learning more than one language at any age. Subscribe:Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | Soundcloud

Why Multilingualism Matters – A Q&A With Marek Kohn

In a world that has global English and translation technology, it’s easy to assume that the need to use more than one language is diminishing— but it is more important than ever, argues science writer Marek Kohn. His new book exploring bilingualism and plural language use is Four Words For Friend: Why

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Submit to The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

When three heads are put together, the results can be shockingly revelatory. Charles Clay Doyle, Wolfgang Mieder, and Fred R. Shapiro have now compiled The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs, the first proverb dictionary to be based on electronic research from full-text databases. With more than 1,400 entries, this exhaustive collection

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For Those Who Never Tire of Words

“Language is different from every other subject you’ll ever study, because language is a part of everything you’ll ever study,” David Crystal writes in A Little Book of Language, now available in paperback. Written to appeal to readers in their early teens and late 50s alike, Crystal’s book is a

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For Every Word You Ever Said

There is A Little Book of Language, by David Crystal, that tells a history of words and language, how we learn, distinguish, and develop our very sense of self through what we say and read. Everything from ancient and dying languages to text-messaging is briskly covered in this readable volume.

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David Crystal’s Little Book of Language on NPR and Newsweek

Yesterday proved to be a big day for David Crystal’s popular new work, A Little Book of Language. Crystal spent the afternoon speaking with radio journalist Neal Conan on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Fielding questions from Conan and listeners alike, Crystal discussed at length how languages develop, how they

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Review of A Little Book of Language

Today’s Washington Post included a strong review by Michael Dirda of David Crystal’s A Little Book of Language: “Like Gombrich’s A Little History of the World, Crystal’s A Little Book of Language may be for children (of all ages, as the saying goes), yet it’s by no means childish or juvenile. In other words,

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Library Journal reviews recent Yale Press titles

The February issue of Library Journal features a slew of reviews for Yale Press books. Here’s an idea of what they’re saying. On Eloquence by Denis Donoghue struck Library Journal as “a well-written and engaging exploration of eloquence in literature.” They recommended this book as “an enlightening read.” In this

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