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What Is Literature?

Terry Eagleton— One of the things we mean by calling a piece of writing ‘literary’ is that it is not tied to a specific context. It is true that all literary works arise from particular conditions. Jane Austen’s novels spring from the world of the English landed gentry of the

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For the Troubled Writer: Swann’s Way and Proust’s Publishing Problems

In continuing the centennial celebration of Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way, it is sometimes difficult to remember that this work was not always considered worthy of such fanfare. When Proust first attempted to find a publisher for his first volume of In Search of Lost Time, he was met with rejection

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The Voice in My Head: Steve Wasserman on Susan Sontag

By Steve Wasserman Among the first books I’ve acquired for Yale University Press, just now being published, is a valentine to my late and beloved Susan Sontag.  For decades, she was something of an Auntie Mame figure for me.  We spent years haunting used bookstores in Berkeley, Los Angeles, and

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