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George Washington’s Lessons on Discretion in Politics

Lorri Glover— Among people Donald Trump refers to as his “fans,” one of the most commonly expressed attractions to his improbable presidential candidacy is that he “tells it like it is.” Setting aside the not insignificant matter of accuracy (what “it” actually is), the claim speaks to a culture-wide clamoring

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George Washington’s Birthday

Lorri Glover— A cold northwestern wind blew across the clear skies of the Virginia Chesapeake on February 22, 1799. Unlike so many frigid birthdays before, this one George Washington spent at home, happy and at peace. As with so much else in his adult life, Washington was usually too busy

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Why Aren’t We Celebrating Constitution Day?

Lorri Glover— Today is Constitution Day, not that you would know it. The anniversary has never sparked the public imagination. Forget rivaling the 4th of July. Constitution Day doesn’t garner the publicity or even the retail sales of Presidents’ Day. This blasé attitude toward Constitution Day runs counter to Americans’

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