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Analyzing Word Choice for Translating Foreign Languages

Alex Zucker— Translating Tomáš Zmeškal’s Love Letter in Cuneiform was a joy, to be honest, because of his sense of humor and the play and playfulness within the text itself. One example of this that also demonstrates how literary translation is not simply a reproduction in English of the original

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Can Xue and the Difficulties of Love

John Donatich—  “Can modern man, in today’s society, still fall in love?” This seems to me the central question in the work of Can Xue.  Granted, this might come as a surprise—that a writer who is so rigorously experimental and unapologetically demanding is obsessed with such a personal concern. But

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Life during Argentina’s Dirty War

The Dirty War was a campaign by the government of Argentina to suppress left-wing political opponents. It is estimated that during the period from 1976 to 1983, 10,000 to 30,000 citizens were killed or taken by the government and never heard from again. It was against this backdrop of violence

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