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Horse Thieves and the Bandit Tradition

Mark Galeotti— Periodic epidemics, crop failure and other disaster cannot compare with the harm that horse thieves bring to the countryside. The horse thief holds peasants in perpetual, uninterrupted fear. Georgy Breitman, 1901 The horse thief lived a violent, dangerous life, at risk from both the police and peasant lynch

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How Do You Talk to a Russian Gangster?

Mark Galeotti— He was quite the most charming contract killer with whom one could imagine having a drink. But nonetheless, for all his cheerful Chechen twinkle, and the ritualised North Caucasus courtesy which meant we had to argue fiercely over the right to pay the bill, even though we both

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Ep. 60 – Russia’s Super Mafia

They have survived Stalinism, the Cold War, the Afghan War, and the end of the Soviet experiment, but who are the Vory?   Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Soundcloud | Spotify