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Workers of the World

Niall Kishtainy—  A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism.’ This is the first line of The Communist Manifesto, which was written in the middle of the nineteenth century and is perhaps the most famous political pamphlet ever. The spectre – something scary and menacing – was the threat to

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Why Do We Work? Answers from Karl Marx, Wendell Berry, and Dorothy Sayers

Today’s “Why Marx Was Right” blog discussion features an essay by Jake Meador on Chapter 5 of Terry Eagleton‘s Why Marx Was Right, addressing the claim: “Marxism reduces everything to economics.” Jake Meador One of the most common dismissals of Marx accuses him of historical reductionism. “Marx creates a caricature

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Rethinking Marx in the 21st Century

Another hot topic on our Spring 2011 list is the ongoing debate about the current state of economic affairs and the sustainability of capitalism. One of the most notable Marxist critics, Terry Eagleton, tackles the perception that Marxism is dead in his newest book, Why Marx Was Right. Christopher Benson,

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