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How did the Ten Commandments become THE Ten Commandments?

Disturbed by the role the Bible, and particularly the Ten Commandments, have played in political and cultural debates, Biblical scholar Michael Coogan set out to trace the history of the text of the Decalogue. Coogan explains that the Bible is not an unchanging text, and understanding how it developed throughout history

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The Ten Commandments in Modern Context

Follow @yaleRELIbooks Read Michael Coogan’s post on the politics of the April 27 canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II Despite the Ten Commandments’ enduring power as either the purported word of God or a document of great historical significance, few would support following a literal interpretation of them

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Every Pope a Saint? The Politics of Canonization

Follow @yaleRELIbooks For our #YUPapr conversations this month about “Ancient Texts, Modern Beliefs”, a closer inspection of contemporary religious practices—and their comparative differences— is important for our consideration of changing beliefs in the greater context of world history. Here, Yale University Press author Michael Coogan discusses the upcoming April 27 canonization of

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