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Viva Mexico! Artist Visionaries and Rabble-rousers: Los tres grandes and Their Impact on America

Interview with Whitney Museum of American Art curator Barbara Haskell by David Ebony    The Whitney Museum of American Art’s groundbreaking and visually sumptuous survey, Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925-1945, arrived during a contentious time in the U.S. It opened on February 17, 2020, a charged political moment

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Ellen Landau on Mexico and American Modernism

Follow @yaleARTbooks Follow @Caroline_Hayes_ Art historians are just beginning to uncover the influence of Mexico on American modernism. In looking beyond Europe’s effect on American modernism in the 20th century, Ellen G. Landau’s important new book, Mexico and American Modernism brings forth a piece of history long in shadow. She

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