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Swimming With Stromatolites: An Astrobiologist Down Under

Jon Willis— “So you want to fly to an iron ore mining town in the NW of Australia, drive 200 km into the desert to the Outback’s hottest town, then follow a 4WD track to a rock outcrop in the middle of nowhere, all to look at some wavy lines

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A Timeline of Wine

Pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine, kick back, and enjoy a timeline of wine from 60 million years ago to today. Further Reading:

YUP’s Earth Day Book Giveaways!

Follow @yaleSCIbooks In celebration of Earth Day, we thought you’d enjoy a selection of new Yale University Press books covering naturalism, climate change, community activism, environmentalism, natural history, and more. Enter with your Goodreads account for a chance to win My Backyard Jungle: The Adventures of an Urban Wildlife Lover Who

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Softly Spun, Hardly Simple: Spider Silk

Follow @yaleSCIbooks There are more than 40,000 spider species on planet Earth, occupying habitats from North America to Africa and from the desert to the rainforest. Yet in spite of their vastly different living conditions, all spiders have a similar body structure. How is this possible? Spider silk. It is

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